Erika Linder for Crocker

Erika Linder become the face for both JC's male and female collection. The campaign was carried out in print, using ads and outdoor, and Erika’s transformation was filmed and broadcasted in cinemas and online. Soon the campaign was spread all across Sweden through features in every major newspaper, magazine, radio show and TV network. But it didn’t stay with in the Swedish borders for long, it got celebrated all around the globe. I was working on the in-store campaign, ads in newspapers and magazines, online campaign, outdoor campaign and a press kit. Art directed by Eleonore Säll and Linnéa Aarflot. Photo by Fredrik Etoall.

Winner of The Golden Egg Award 2015, Category: Public Relations.
The Swedish Association of Communication Agencies (KOMM) organizes Guldägget (The Golden Egg Award). Guldägget was first arranged in 1961 and is today Sweden’s oldest, largest and most prestigious competition for the communication industry. The purpose is to draw attention to the best advertisement, lead the industry forward and raise the level of the creative standard.